The other consequences of COVID: impact

The other consequences of COVID: impact

The pandemic on unemployment registered in the Asturian case The other consequences of . In addition to the obvious effects that the  in purely health aspects, the measures designed and  to stop its spread have also had important consequences in economic terms. Regulations that severely  mobility and economic activity in many sectors were  changes in consumer habits  by measures that sought to minimize social contact. This is why this double effect, both on the supply and demand sides, has had a considerable impact on various economic indicators. As an example, the Bank of Spain’s research service estimated that in 2020 Spanish companies had seen their turnover fall between 12% and 17% depending on their size.

In the Regional Observatory, prepared by the

Regional Economic Analysis Laboratory of the University of Oviedo – REGIO lab , we have studied this impact in the case of the Asturian economy and taking as a reference variable the number of in Poland WhatsApp Number Data  the Public Service offices. of State Employment  just before the outbreak of the pandemic, a number of unemployed people registered in the SEPE offices slightly below people. After a year in which Asturian society  successive waves of the  pandemic.  This figure had  2021. Starting that month . Until it stood at approximately people at the end of December of last year.

A question that arises is what would have

The evolution of unemployment in the region during those months between March  and December  February  trying to extract the patterns that help describe  Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List their behavior and predict their future values. This set of data corresponds to years .  Recession and which are clearly reflected in the  unemployment . That were   which allows statistical modeling that . Captures both the behavioral pattern in the long term of unemployment in the region and the effects attributable to seasonal oscillations.

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