The geography of revolutionary technological advances

The geography of revolutionary technological advances

Europe The geography of revolutionary technological advances in Europe on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on  Compartment in Google Plus By Rosina Moreno  on the article. Literature in the field of Innovation Economics has investigated the presence of revolutionary technological advances because they are  to have a great impact on subsequent technological change and economic development. Many recent studies have analyzed the geography of these revolutionary advances. Strongly  by Jane Jacobs’s  work on the relationship between urban diversity and innovation, arguing that cities and regions with a diverse stock of knowledge unleash new atypical ideas and combinations that result in revolutionary inventions.

Scholars have argued that unrelatedness

Facilitates the further development of revolutionary technological advances because it makes combinations between  fields of knowledge. Because combinations of  technologies imply low cognitive proximity Korea WhatsApp Number Data between the combined technologies, geographic proximity favors the likelihood of such uncommon combinations. However, in the article we discuss that the combination technologies can also be crucial for the development of radical ideas. From a theoretical perspective, it could be argued that the introduction and development of advances  by high risks and uncertainties due to their novel nature. To cushion and adapt to such risks.  Successful advances will have to rely primarily on previously made combinations, rather than relying on unrelated combinations. It will be relatively easier and adjustment costs lower when diversifying into new technologies that can leverage existing regional capabilities.

Kaplan and Vakili argued that truly novel

Patents are primarily engaged in local, not distant, search. If local search processes  play a key role in the emergence of revolutionary inventions. We might expect them to be more likely to develop in a region where Singapore WhatsApp Number List  their technologies are more closely related to the existing local stock of technologies. Empirically, the article studies the level of development of revolutionary patents in  European regions in the period . Firstly on a descriptive analysis  on the information from each patent these . Concepts are  indices as in detail in the article.

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