Effect of spending and stay on the composition

Effect of spending and stay on the composition


The international tourist market in EVOO designations of origin in Andalusia Effect of spending and stay on the composition of the international tourist market in EVOO designations of origin in Andalusia Share on Twitter Share on sector presents in its direct income from its main activity, which is why many companies resort to other activities to be able to mitigate this effect on your accounts. Therefore, many producers look for complementary activities such as tourism to diversify their economic flows and reduce business risk. This is key in multiple aspects, as it also causes the sector to grow, demanding more personnel, avoiding depopulation in rural areas and preserving cultural traditions linked to the product, among other benefits.

In this context, Andalusia contains the strongest

Synergies in Spain to be able to jointly implement these activities, as it is the region with the highest oil production and the region that receives the most international tourists. In addition, it also presents problems of aging, depopulation and loss of economic and social weight in rural areas, so this  Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data combination of sectors could have a positive impact on these areas. That is perceived as an assurance that the attributes are supported by minimum standards. Thus, international tourists who visit olive oil producing areas for.  Gastronomic reasons are certain of the qualities of the product they are going to consume. This produces a tourist attraction for the area and an expansion of the business strategy for the sector.  PDOs in Andalusia given that it is an incipient and interesting segment to consolidate the business fabric.

Thus the objective of this research is to know

The different profiles of these tourists to help establish a stable tourism offer in these areas that complements their income through the identification of different segments that may be attractive to them. A latent class regression model was used in which personal, tourist and activity variables were included to study the characteristics of the segments  Indonesia WhatsApp Number List on data held by the National Institute of Statistics for the study area. With this, four relevant . Registering both factors as relevant to determine the market structure. For example, the presence of the young gourmet group is testimonial until medium or. Furthermore, the differences between groups are significant in both stay and spending in most segments. Finally, it is observed that traditional seniors and cultural seniors are those who record the longest and shortest stays respectively. While gourmet young people and traditional seniors are the extremes for spending.

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