The metropolitan areas of that country

The metropolitan areas of that country

Methodology In the work of Costa et al are. Let us remember that this hypothesis establishes that countries (or territories) with a higher level of per capita income tend to have higher price levels (Figure 1). Consequently.  The estimation strategy consisted of obtaining an elasticity between the national price level and the price levels for subnational areas for the country for which these data are available (those already  from the US Bureau of Economic . The  elasticity is then  to obtain the price level for all the regions included in the study. For reasons of space, this note does not reproduce the details of the methodology used, nor of all the variables nor all the econometric controls and contrasts carried out, information that is available in the cited article.

Figure Relationship between price levels

OECD countries. All variables are expressed in natural logarithms relative to US levels. Price levels are constructed by dividing Purchasing Power Parities by exchange rates. Costa Rica is  due to lack of data Belgium WhatsApp Number Data  on GDP per capita for the deflators (rather than the national average)  the overall level of inequalities between regions, as it real GDP per capita in richer regions and increases it in less  ones  from a. Theil index These results confirm the overestimation of regional disparities when using national PPP deflators. Figure 2 shows the impact of using national PPPs or estimated regional PPPs on regional GDP per capita.

Several regions in Norway and Sweden

Appear to be richer after adjusting the other hand, there is consensus on the relevance Cambodia WhatsApp Number List  of the territories’ infrastructure to improve productive efficiency.  To increase productivity and, ultimately, to generate wealth. In this framework, international railway connections are essential to develop the full logistical potential of a region.  The competitiveness of the productive fabric and the attractiveness for new investments. The ambitious decarbonization objectives  in the European Green Deal necessarily require railways, the most environmentally friendly means of transport for traveling long distances. Transport Network becomes a priority.

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