Urban Challenges and Sustainable Technological Revolution

Urban Challenges and Sustainable Technological Revolution

Congreso ERSA:Urban Challenges and Sustainable Technological Revolution3 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Francisco Juárez, Paloma Taltavull, Raul Pérez and Eloisa Norman The 62nd ERSA Congress, entitled “Urban Challenges and Sustainable Technological Revolution”, is the annual reference event for researchers and professionals in the field of regional and spatial science. This year 2023, the ERSA Congress is organized by the University of Alicante on our campus, and will focus on urban challenges and the sustainable technological revolution, covering topics such as digital transformation, innovation in urban mobility and the circular economy. ERSA 2023 is having great acceptance.

Before the end of the registration period

We already have articles sent for presentation, 78 special sessions and six keynote Speakers  bases statistics, editors’ table, among other additional activities, in which opinion leaders in the regional and urban sphere will  France WhatsApp Number Data participate, and will offer perspectives and reflections on the challenges facing the regional economy and the solutions necessary to build a sustainable future and equitable. To this we add social activities that will surprise you (we hope). As it is organized at the end of . August, we have planned (and reserved) residences and hotels with sufficient capacity for conference attendees at very competitive rates. Information will be available soon.

Look where the participants come from

Participating in the ERSA will be a unique opportunity to stay up to date with. The latest research in the field, meet experts from around the world and establish  Brazil WhatsApp Number List professional contacts in an international environment. We hope you decade.  Various municipalities have undertaken.  Roadmaps aimed at digitalization as an instrument for implementing solutions to rural problems. Such as difficult access to certain services or the risk of depopulation European . In   . September there is still a deadline to send an abstract.

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