Transport and motorways of the sea in the

Transport and motorways of the sea in the

European Union Transport and motorways of the sea in the European Union Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Juan Antonio Márquez Domínguez . Institute of Local Development Research Group. University of Huelva In the European Union, the effects of the creation of a common space and . the deactivation of internal borders significantly increased the mobility of goods and passengers, inducing a drastic change in the logistical structures of transport. In this context. The European Commission set out to offer a highly competitive, effective, efficient and sustainable freight and passenger transport system. In a space with enormous exchanges, sustainability and innovation in transport play a key role in meeting the climate action.

In this way the European Union’s policies

transport, structurally and cyclically, as is currently the case with the shortage of truck drivers or supply problems with Asian countries, have to overcome 5 major challenges . Traffic congestion, which affects both air and road transport. Sustainability, since transport still  Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List depends on fossil fuels to cover the majority of its energy needs, which is environmentally and economically unsustainable. Air quality, since the EU must reduce transport emissions by . Transport infrastructure, promoting standardization between European Union countries. Market competition in a context of world globalization. To address these challenges, in December 2020, the European Commission presented its . Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, together with an action plan of eighty-two initiatives to guide work until. The strategy considers ten representative areas. Which support compliance with the SDGs, proposing a process of reducing transport emissions.

According to the European Parliament, the trajectory of the

European transport system must aspire to achieve sustainable, intelligent and resilient mobility (European Parliament.  However, this initiative is not new, the Parliament and the Council, in order  USA WhatsApp Number List to promote the development of the EU’s transport infrastructure. Guidelines for the development of the trans. European transport network in  where the integration of rail, air, sea, road and inland waterway transport was proposed.  To strengthen economic and social cohesion with sustainable mobility of people and goods. In the European Commission the . White Paper on , fewer emissions, more employment and, therefore, more growth.

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