Ten challenges of official statistics for the coming

Ten challenges of official statistics for the coming

Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Alex Costa – Analysis Department. Municipal Data Office. Barcelona’s town hall On December 21, the report of the Presentation of the National Statistical Plan. The PEN Presentation is a working group  the CSE with the basic objective of drafting this document, in addition to issuing opinions on the adjustment between the recommendations of the . CSE and the Royal . Decree of the  compliance with the successive annual statistical programs. The composition of the Presentation is broad and plural, including a significant representation of the . Central Administration, institutions such as unions and employers, and also experts from scientific societies, both public and private.

It is notable that three members

Association were part of the PEN Presentation: Fernando Rubiera, Daniel Sánchez-Serra and myself. This participation.  Together with the interest of the report itself, justify, in our opinion, a brief presentation of it. The report begins by highlighting the importance that statistical  New Zealand WhatsApp Number List innovation has had in recent years . This innovation has been the response of the statistical system to a set of challenges that have recently appeared, such as the crisis generated. The most palpable example of this innovation has been the development, throughout the European statistical system.  Experimental statistics . In the INE, up to twelve experimental statistics have been in the last two years that have  .The pandemic, in addition to delving into key sectors of our economy.

The report identifies more than

hundred recommendations, including general ones and thematic recommendations, the latter specifically related to the improvement of existing statistics or the development of new operations. In this summary we are going to refer to the general recommendations . Are going to  Vietnam WhatsApp Number List structure them into ten challenges that we understand are central to the document’s proposals. Public policies A first essential challenge is to preserve and increase, if possible, the relevance of official statistics. To achieve this, it is necessary that statistical innovation be oriented towards useful information for the design and implementation of public policies. There are many possible illustrations of how this challenge has been met. The recent INE mobility statistics. Developed from mobile telephony, is an operation closely related to a political  the near future are those of regulated sectors their importance in public policies.

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