Analysis of the headquarters effect in the regional

Analysis of the headquarters effect in the regional

Distribution of investment in R&D&i in Spain Analysis of the headquarters effect in the regional distribution of investment optimization of production processes leads companies, mainly large companies, to locate the different phases of their activity in different places. For example, it is common for the most labor-intensive parts of the production process to be  in places with an abundance of labor and/or lower labor costs. Likewise, activities where  creativity play a key role are usually  in large cities where it is possible to take advantage of the abundance of highly  professional profiles in various fields.  As well as the greater creative capacity . Existing in these environments as a consequence of the external economies of agglomeration.

Following this logic, the corporate body that

Tends to concentrate most intensely in the main metropolises of each country is its head office or headquarters. As a consequence of these optimization processes in the location of the company’s activities, it may happen that the headquarters of a firm is located in a large metropolis while its  activity is Canada WhatsApp Number List  out in an average city of a peripheral region. This discrepancy is not a minor issue: all of the company’s activity will be for statistical purposes in the place where its headquarters are  . Which includes the investment in R&D&I that it perform. If the discrepancy between the location of research centers and corporate headquarters is a frequent phenomenon. It can significantly.  Distort the statistical information on the geographical distribution of .Causing in some territories the activity  others it is undervalued.


Although it is assumed that the impact of this so-called

Headquarters effect is  out. Very broad survey designed to provide information  Switzerland WhatsApp Number List on the technological innovation carried out by different companies residing in Spain. Through prior formal request, researchers can have access to the microdata of this survey. From this information it has been possible to deduce the size of the headquarters effect in the Spanish regions. However, the limitation that must be . Assumed when using this database is that the last year for which have to work with information from six years ago.

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