Smart towns and rural development Smart towns

Smart towns and rural development Smart towns

Rural development Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in . Department of  Economics I. University of Seville The concept of “smart village. Refers to the application of information and communication technologies at the local level and the digital  transformation of rural municipalities that can arise from it. This concept is directly  with the smart city although it has had less development. The notion of smart village is closely to the Cork Declaration .European  which  in this document include promoting the prosperity of rural areas, strengthening rural value chains, preserving the environment. Promoting  and innovation or improving rural governance.

The smart village concept received new impetus

With the EU Action for Smart Villages of the European Commission in the  Declaration on Smart Villages for a Smarter Future of the Rural Areas in the EU  USA WhatsApp Number List European Union, 2018 and through the launching a web portal for smart towns (European Network for Rural Development among other initiatives. The European Commission conceives smart villages as rural communities that use innovative solutions to improve their resilience. Taking advantage of local strengths and opportunities and using digital technologies. In smart towns, digitalization allows the launch and development of platforms and networks, transforms traditional productive activities and services and promotes new ones through innovation and better use of knowledge for the benefit of citizens and local companies.


To this end, smart towns must design and implement

Development strategies  at improving their economic, social and environmental conditions.  Applying a participatory approach . The introduction  from below”. The smart city concept is at  Taiwan WhatsApp Number List the efficient use of resources.  Costs and improving urban services through the use of digital technologies. For its part, the idea of ​​development implies that in rural areas collective intelligence can be  present in the community. With the participation and of the actors local. From this perspective, digital transformation can be a fundamental strategy for widening of the digital divide with respect to urban areas.

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