Advances in knowledge of the European single market

Advances in knowledge of the European single market


Advances in knowledge of the European single market Share on Twitter Share on . The European single market, created in 1993, is one of the backbones of the integration of the European Union (EU), and guarantees that goods, services, people and capital circulate freely throughout the community territory as they would within a country, eliminating technical, legal and bureaucratic barriers. The benefits of the single market are unquestionable, both for citizens and companies. A functioning single market stimulates competition and trade, improves market efficiency, raises the quality of products and services, and contributes to price stability and containment. Not in vain, the harmonization and mutual recognition of standards make it possible market of more than 450 million people.

Illustration 1. Advantages of the single market

Source: European Union . After three decades since its constitution, the single market continues to be a necessary and critical element for the EU, as is evident in Australia WhatsApp Number Data  the scope of the Single Market Program for endowed with . In this framework. It is essential to have precise information and knowledge on the situation of the Community single market, such as the recently published Annual Report on the single market and competitiveness , from the European Commission, which offers a structured analysis around nine drivers of competitiveness and related key performance indicators and identifies future priorities and recommends actions where appropriate.

In addition to this exercise, the Commission has also

released two working documents, one detailing how the key performance indicators for competitiveness were calculated in the report and another on the main  Brazil WhatsApp Number List conclusions of the European Industrial. Ecosystem Monitor  with reference methodological information and precise recommendations in each area of ​​the single market. The new Single Market Scoreboard has also been published , which measures the performance and results of the single market in different policy areas and instruments. As an example, in the transposition of directives: 8 Member States improved their overall results compared to. European Council. The average delay in transposition reached an all-time high, at 18.3 months. Or about the violations. Spain joins Greece as the States with the most pending cases.

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