What is the economic impact of the drought in Spain

What is the economic impact of the drought in Spain

A quantitative approach to taking action What is the economic impact of the drought in Spain.  A quantitative approach to taking action Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Luz Dary Beltrán Jaimes – Department of Economics – Loyola Andalucía University – . The acceleration of climate change since the 19th century due to human activity today deserves special attention. However, we cannot attribute full responsibility to phenomena such as drought. Since in regions such as the Iberian Peninsula due to its geographical location it turns out to be a common phenomenon. What is unusual is the intensity that has been experienced in the region in recent times.  Where dry periods are becoming longer and more severe.

Although climate change influences the recurrence

Longevity and intensity of drought, the reduction in rainfall in the future, urban and population growth, increased production, among others, has been putting pressure on its scarcity, which which. In turn, entails serious socioeconomic and environmental consequences. Since drought emerges gradually and extends for long periods, quantifying its impact is often difficult; however, its effects can be direct and/or indirect. Direct ones Australia WhatsApp Number List  generate changes in production, added value or employment in productive activities whose intensive use is important in their production process. Such as public water supply. Agriculture or electricity supply. For their part, the indirect ones are derived from the first, since a reduction in supply could affect the productivity of a company. The flow of goods and services through sectoral interconnections and supply chains. They also affect household demand for goods and services. In Spain, the situation does not seem to improve, hydrological year has turned out to be . The driest in the last five  Spain’s water reserve fell.

The situation is more serious in Galicia

Castilla y León, Extremadura, Andalusia, Catalonia and Navarra (Ministry of Ecological Transition). The above leads us to reflect on the urgency of creating and improving existing environmental policies.  Especially those focused on alleviating drought in the long term. In order to anticipate its effects, through mechanisms that allow markets adapt to periods of drought Spain WhatsApp Number List  without seeing their production highly affected. Anticipation and mitigation are essential to minimize its effects, however, prior impact evaluations, both economic, technological, social and environmental, are required in order to direct resources towards adequate implementation and results. But how big is the economic impact of the drought in Spain. Together with professors. Villegas from the Department of Economics at the . Loyola  on multi-sector modeling based on . The results show that the reduction of reservoirs of euros.

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