Spain, the Council of the EU and the regions

Spain, the Council of the EU and the regions

Spain the Council of the EU and the regions Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By  University. Spain will  which means leading the agenda of political and economic action priorities of the EU. Let us remember that the Council of the European Union is, together with the European Parliament, the main decision-making body of the Union. Its functions range from the negotiation and adoption of EU legislation to the coordination of the policies of the Member States, the promotion of the common foreign and security policy, the conclusion of international agreements or the approval of the EU budget, together with the European Parliament.

The last time our country exercised

This responsibility dates back to in the midst of the process of reconstitution of the battered community bases after the ravages derived from the crisis . Today the situation is also challenging, still marked by the consequences of the economic and social crisis caused by.  The subsequent  Germany WhatsApp Number Data problems in the supply chain, the significant increases in the prices of energy and raw materials, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the slowdown in activity and, in short, due to the generalized loss of confidence and the continued climate of uncertainty in the markets. This complex situation forces the Presidency of the Council of the EU to seek solutions to mitigate the onerous impacts on the productive fabric and citizen well-being .The protection of human rights and the promotion of sustainable and responsible business behavior along global supply chains, among others.

In this context, an analytical and propositional exercise

Under the name “ The opportunity to strengthen Europe was proposed at the beginning of the year by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, with a battery  Canada WhatsApp Number List  priorities for action during the imminent Spanish Presidency of the Council. of the EU, identified from the business world and grouped around five axes of action: competitiveness. Resilience, digitalization, sustainability and geostrategy. In this intricate scenario.  Regions and regional policy can also play a key role in contributing to the harmonious and sustained development of the Union. Capable of facing the challenges and vicissitudes that we are currently going through. Specifically  of the single market for goods  bureaucratic barriers that make it difficult. Undoubtedly, a task with a marked regional component.

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