About productive urbanism About productive urbanism

About productive urbanism About productive urbanism

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Manuel  unfortunately a faithful reflection of the political drift between extremes of neoliberal conception of public affairs or extremely rigid and interventionist interpretations in the application of territorial planning. Or put another way, despite the constant assault on the urban plan, what would have happened to Spanish cities without urban planning. But the assurance of compliance with the plan by  . The legislator and the fight against urban corruption that is too frequent in our country has led . As a side effect, to a strong rigidity in the interpretation and application of urban planning and, worst of all, to tedious bureaucratization.

This makes the solution to the city’s

Problems unfeasible and generates a depreciation of the planning itself; if it is finally  in the best and minority of cases. In this regard and if it serves as a platform for debate. We would like to point out six considerations: 1.- Urban planning sins in its epistemological UK WhatsApp Number List  conception of all-encompassing arrogance, but at the same time . The stubbornness of the real estate market bursts the assumptions of what is  on numerous occasions. This perverse dialectic becomes a harmful effect: planning becomes the sum of sectoral reports, with their own administrative logic. Administrative simplification is necessary and urgent. 2.- Planning as an essential and necessary regulatory document for urban public policies needs greater flexibility, better strategic conviction.

Substantiating their proposals on public-private

Collaboration, on the transparent urban planning agreement or on the use of special plans where there are unique problems in the application of planning; converting speculative urbanism into productive urbanism. 3.- The trend to guide public policy productive Singapore WhatsApp Number List  urban planning is for the Autonomous Communities to assume a more.  Strategic exercise of territorial planning and for the municipalities to materialize these guidelines. Plans, as we say, with a strategic vision that . Support economic cycles and with much less detail and rigidity in their determinations.  The last decade has the problem of legal certainty in the interpretation by judges of each major or minor allegation of individuals to the plan and.  Of course, due to conflicts between administrations. The judicialization of planning requires imperative doctrinal  in the land and the building, make the application very difficult or.

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