Being more precise that in the proposed model

Being more precise that in the proposed model

FDI has a positive and statistically significant effect, although small, on long-term exports, which is consistent with the vertical motivation of FDI. This seems to indicate that the Spanish investment strategy abroad is driven, to a large extent, by factor cost considerations. That is to say, many Spanish companies try to create competitive advantages through  in foreign countries that are  their low cost. Not only this, but our research also reveals that the complementarity between . Exports and overseas investment disappears once the influence of spatial dependence on the data. In other words, another important message that emerges from this work is that the link between these two variables only exists due to the presence of what we could call “groupings of geographical sets”, that is, nearby countries that are to through business processes.  As well as other social and economic interactions.

The more these clusters are strengthened

The greater the complementarity between FDI and exports will be. Finally, leaving aside the main objective of the work, the robustness tests of the results. Changes in the model specification, also detect the connection between exports and differences in factor endowment, changes in  Japan WhatsApp Number Data level of competitiveness captured by the evolution of the real exchange rate), as well as discrepancies in consumer preferences and tastes. Finally, it is important to note that the conclusions of the document I am reviewing also have a political flavor. Given that the results reveal a positive impact of Spanish FDI on exports in the long term, the corollary seems clear: the concern that investment abroad replaces exports is.  At least for Spain. On the contrary, export promotion and policies  at promoting investment abroad among other reasons. Due to the expansion of exports that they would trigger.

Consequently, these policies, if implemented

Increase national employment and economic well-being in the long term. Furthermore, according to the inferences of this work referring to the importance of the geographical location, the effects of these policies would be especially positive if they focus on certain geographical areas with strong  Mexico WhatsApp Number List economic connections between each hub and the remaining nodes. After presenting the proportion of patents that only present one technology columns.  And the proportion of patents that only combine  technologies combinations. And only  concern combinations between exclusively technologies.

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