Contribution of the Wikidata knowledge base

Contribution of the Wikidata knowledge base

Geographical analysis Contribution of the  knowledge base to geographical analysis  The changes  by the present information society and, more specifically, the advance of the new information and communication technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, have  the traffic of software. Documents, maps and manufacturing systems. There are several factors that have  this. Among them we should highlight the development of artificial intelligence  algorithms, which consume a large amount of information to train their models.

In this sense, the existence of information

Repositories has become increasingly necessary and, in recent decades, the information and knowl in them has multiplied. However, management and organization have not been homogeneous, since much Philippines WhatsApp Number Data  information is  in storage spaces by corporations, whose contents are essentially private and  while others are distributed in a multiplicity of publicly repositories, in which that there is abundant  information.  To this predominant model until now, it is worth highlighting the  project. Which consists of a free knowledge base that can be by any user . With Internet access and that allows all information to be .  in different repositories.

A field of expansion for Wikidata, without

That of geographical sciences. The possibility of unifying the different information repositories dispersed among a large number of institutions, as well as access to planetary or local information other than that of the country  Malaysia WhatsApp Number List of residence and in several global languages, are aspects that can revolutionize geographical science. This discipline consumes enormous amounts of data to produce results and a knowledge platform like  knowledge base into geographic analysis requires a methodology. Thus, and to this end, several researchers from the University of Seville and the Isabel I University have developed a specific methodology to incorporate . Data that can later  by the discipline of geography, using spatial analysis tools, such as a GIS. Access the studio by clicking here.

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