Effect of receiving remittances on violence

Effect of receiving remittances on violence

An approach to the case of Mexico Effect of receiving remittances on violence. An approach to the case of with the largest number of emigrants in the world, with the United States being the main destination for these migrants. This migratory flow has traditionally been motivated by labor and economic issues, although the population also moves for political, environmental and cultural reasons. Furthermore, the current proliferation of violence and organized crime in Mexico has also increased the processes of forced migration and refuge. Remittances are one of the main consequences   which are an important source of income for households with a migrant population, and are essentially  for food, health, education, and the satisfaction of basic needs.

It is argued that remittances reduce poverty by improving

The economic possibilities of families. However, it has also been reported that they intensify inequality in rural communities, or those in which a moderate percentage of households receive them. For its part, violence in . Mexico  Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data marginalization and level of development. In this sense, given that remittances may reduce poverty on the one hand, and increase inequality on the other, which are two of the main factors with violence and crime.  We wonder about the possible effect that this resource has on these phenomena. That is why, using information from the National Institute of Statistics significantly in Mexico in recent years. This violence was in the northeast and northwest of the country and in entities such as. Michoacán and Guerrero. This increase began in 2007, when the national operation against drug trafficking began.

This policy resulted not only in an increase in violence

Also in criminal organizations diversifying their operations to illicit activities such as extortion, kidnapping or human trafficking. All of this led to the intensification of migration  Japan WhatsApp Number List displacement.  In addition to trapping migrants destined for the United States on their way, since the cartels control large stretches of the migratory routes and migrants are an additional source of profit. This has then caused the coexistence of migration and violence in some parts of the national territory. It was also of remittances. Furthermore, the receipt of remittances the municipality. The results we present open the door to the debate on the relationship between migration and violence. Both social phenomena of great relevance in Mexico.

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