A new challenge for European policies

A new challenge for European policies

The gender approach A new challenge for European policies: The gender approach Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By M. These are not easy times for the European Union: war on the continent, global crisis of supply chains, inflation and increases in interest rates.  All of this when we were barely recovering from the traumatic and unprecedented  pandemic. The departure of the United Kingdom from the partner bloc and with the still recent legacy of an unprecedented financial crisis that led to a sovereign debt crisis that still prevails in the public.  Finances of most of its member states. However, trying to leave behind poor decisions and a manifest social insensitivity in the years of budgetary austerity, the EU seems to have found in adversity. The necessary stimulus to undertake a turn of the  greater financial solvency. As it is the first time in its history that joint debt is issued to support expansive public spending policies and structural change.

Although the European budget has been a key actor

Addressing the so-called economic and social cohesion policies; It was time to put an end to stinginess and approve a true financial injection that, although temporary Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data  at the moment, could contribute to the transformation of the European Union, making it more resilient, greener and digitally to new times. This initiative had to reposition social policies in the predominant place where they . Should always remain.  As established in the Schuman Declaration. Focusing on the social.  The Treaty of Amsterdam and another on equality in employment and occupation The social project . To consolidate in  when the Treaty of Lisbon came into force.  Clarifying EU legislation on the protection of fundamental rights. However, and without a doubt, one of the subjects in which it was . Necessary to strengthen the union was the fight against gender inequality.

A few years ago the European Commission

Signed a Strategic Commitment for the eradication of gender violence and the protection and support for victims.  The promotion of equality between women and men in decision-making, the reduction of wage and pension  Mexico WhatsApp Number List differences.  The fight against poverty among women and, finally. The increase in participation women in the labor market to promote their economic independence. The problem with the aforementioned initiative was that it was not clearly linked to financing programs to achieve its objectives. For this reason, currently first time. Trying to eliminate the differences between men and  promoting it in areas of power such as politics.

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