Breakthrough patents to make unrelated combinations

Breakthrough patents to make unrelated combinations

When they do, they bring together combinations of both related and unrelated technologies. Table 1. Proportion of patents according to the number of technologies combined at the patent level Overall, this patent-level descriptive. Analysis shows that breakthrough inventions tend to be based primarily on combinations of related technologies. The regression analysis carried out in the aforementioned article see details of the regression model and the data and variables considered in the article itself allows us to delve deeper into these arguments.  Obtaining that it is more likely that more revolutionary advances will occur in a region, the more related is its technology to the local body of knowledge.  In line with what was obtained at a descriptive level.

It is also obtained that it is more

Likely that such revolutionary advances emerge for the first time in the region (that is, when there had been no revolutionary advances in said region in the corresponding technology before. Not only when the presence of technologies is abundant. related in the region, but also when Italy WhatsApp Number Data  technologies are present. Therefore, the emergence of a revolutionary invention for the first time in a technology requires breaking with the past, highlighting the relevance . Whereas once a region has acquired the knowledge and capabilities necessary to break with the past to generate new and radical knowledge, regions become more dependent on already existing related knowledge.

The wealth of the regions” constitutes an instrument

Communication and exchange of ideas promoted by the Spanish Association of Regional  Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List Science. To this end, public policies must incorporate digitalization strategies that promote access to broadband and digital connectivity.  But go further. On the one hand, collaboration and coordination between different actors and levels of government at local, regional and national levels is key. On the other hand, the participation of private initiative and the local community is essential for the success of innovation projects in rural areas. From this perspective, the smart village strategy must be based on the participation of different population groups that represent the diverse interests and needs of local society.

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