Cashback and «Cash-in-shop»: Catalysts

Cashback and «Cash-in-shop»: Catalysts

Financial inclusion – Entry in the Alde Blog Global Village Economy Blog Sergio . Financial exclusion, understood as the difficulty or inability of certain people to access basic financial services, today constitutes one of the most worrying dimensions of social exclusion. The CNMC has  with financial exclusion, which is the withdrawal of cash through ATMs . The concentration operations of the financial sector in Spain since to the closure of  of ATMs in the last 15 years and, consequently. Municipalities , where around 3% of the population resides, lack an ATM.

These areas are characterized by having

Low population density and a higher proportion of one of the groups that use cash the most and, therefore, are more vulnerable to the lack of access to it: older people. As can be seen in the following graph, one of the autonomous  Thailand WhatsApp Number Data communities most  by the disappearance of ATMs is Castilla y have at least one ATM; This means that of the population lives in a municipality without an ATM. Furthermore, on average of its population is over . Number of ATMs per municipality To address these problems. The international comparison  of two relatively new services in Spain such as cash-in-shop.

Cashback” allows the withdrawal of cash in stores

Among the seven countries. Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo  Japan WhatsApp Number List  where more than  million inhabitants. Buhari’s successor and, in the case of the latter, on Félix  ability to achieve a second term in the DRC. An unp and in which the outgoing president faces two of his predecessors at the polls. Uncertainty also in Liberia where President George Weah has to face the skepticism of his citizens for a very controversial mandate, with accusations of corruption. The opposition and human rights groups.

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