Analysis of the economic resilience of the councils

Analysis of the economic resilience of the councils

Asturias Analysis of the economic resilience of the councils Asturias Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus  Professor of Applied Economics at the  pandemic or the invasion of Ukraine have highlighted the interconnection of the territories and the high economic volatility. Climate change.  Access to technology. Increasing inequality and geopolitical tensions can generate new of the territories has been placed at the center of political attention. Studying the planning and developing appropriate growth strategies. In Spain, the Recovery. Transformation and Resilience Plan territorial and environmental.

Economic resilience is defined as the ability

Resist shocks and return to a state of equilibrium by recovering from external shocks, recessions, financial crises or natural disasters. It is a  UAE WhatsApp Number Data  processes, or any type of external disturbance. Those more resilient territories will be less susceptible to the effects of external shocks . At the we have studied the resilience of the councils of Asturias in terms of employment. Given the high heterogeneity.  Present in the degree of resilience  justified.  Descending to a geographical . Level that captures the local diversities that coexist in Asturias.

The degree of resistance of the councils

Evaluated through a comparative analysis with respect to the evolution of employment in Spain using data from SADEI, INE and General Treasury of Social  Indonesia WhatsApp Number List Security. Methodological details and description of the data used. The resistance has resisted the shock . The recovery index, as its name establishes. Will reflect how the territory reacts after the shock .

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