Economic integration and urbanization

Economic integration and urbanization

Africa Economic integration and urbanization in Africa Share on Twitter Share on Marques, emeritus professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid It is evident that Africa is currently characterized by two major phenomena of continental scope: the integration of markets and the urbanization process. Recently, a report from the  Nations . Economic Commission for Africa came to light, which, because it addresses these relevant issues, deserves attention. First of all, we must take into account that the majority of tradable goods with  in cities. Many of the regional commercial activities which are key to urban growth, will be developed with the integration process. Secondly, African cities are experiencing rapid expansion and are an effective engine of development.

In fact, urbanization and income

Levels are highly correlated, although income could increase even more with greater investment in urban infrastructure and a stronger intensity of productive job creation. Third, the economic integration process by the launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area  which is  Russia WhatsApp Number Data  to significantly increase trade, production and employment in the region. Note that the economic benefits of trade are the result of intraregional exports and imports and  in tariff barriers.  Which can facilitate trade flows between . African countries. Likewise, the proportion of manufacturing goods in regional trade is much higher than that in trade with the rest of the world. Which favors the productive diversification and industrialization of African economies.

Fourth, regional trade integration

Can improve the well-being of Africans through greater connectivity of cities via exports and imports, increased access to a greater variety of cheaper goods.  Services and intermediate inputs, and higher levels of  Vietnam WhatsApp Number List consumption . This same integration process will strengthen the system of cities, raising the importance of  urban centers. Connecting rural producers to the urban markets for their products and promoting regional cities. Therefore, African cities will be able to obtain benefits from the. Integration  corridors between the main capitals, integrating cities into regional value chains and connecting rural areas to nearby urban centers.

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