The ECEPOV: an extraordinary statistical

The ECEPOV: an extraordinary statistical

Source for knowledge of urban reality and the challenges of local public policies The ECEPOV: an extraordinary statistical source for knowledge of urban reality and the challenges of local public policies 3 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on .LinkedIn Share on Google Plus By institutional partner: the National Institute of Statistics. In this way, the mutual appreciation between both institutions is confirmed, which was already Science Prize . There is no doubt that for the .The information  always been an essential raw material in our analyzes of the territorial reality of our country. However, it must be recognized that it has been in recent years that the INE statistics have enhanced territorial disaggregation to a greater extent.

This approach to the territory has reached levels

That were truly unthinkable until recently, as is the case of the Household Income Distribution Atlas [1] , which began in 2019 as an experimental statistic and today is already an official statistic, including in the National Statistical Plan. The Atlas offers information for all cities in  USA WhatsApp Number Data Spain and municipal districts. Reaching the census section. The vulnerable population segmented by sex. Age groups and nationality, according to different poverty thresholds and data on the demographics of each reference territorial. All of this, as we say.  For the cities, municipal districts and the more than  census sections of the country.

The Atlas is of great interest due to

The direct information it offers, but also as input for the reworking of complementary statistics. Such as the one developed by Barcelona City Council, presenting data  Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List for the more than 70 neighborhoods of our city, a specific of the Barcelona city. Located between the 10 districts and the more than a thousand census sections of Barcelona . But the basic objective of this note is to report on another INE statistical source even more recent than the Atlas : the Survey of. Essential Characteristics of Population and Housing  Census and that offers data for all cities in Spain. Data that, due to its often qualitative nature, cannot, and will not be able to offer in the future, administrative records.

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