Quantification of the economic impact

Quantification of the economic impact


With the creation of the airport city of Barcelona airport Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on  Compartment in Google Plus Por .Investigations . Airports have an important capacity to attract economic activity that is complementary to their main activity.  Either through their relationship . With aeronautical activity or the competitive advantage being the node of a network of transport connections, both air and terrestrial. This fact is increasingly making them an important subject of regional planning. All of this has to the creation of important . Hubs of economic activity next to airports. Which are known as “airport cities. That is, cities whose economy is  in the activity of their respective airports.

Locations close to airports have

Series of important advantages for certain companies, among which we can mention the lower price of land, complementarity with the activities already existing at the airport and connectivity. This can be divided into “air-ground connectivity”, important for the logistics sector, and “land-ground  Belgium Phone Number Data connectivity”, from the airport to the city and other urban areas through rail, metro and highway. Which facilitates the attraction of workers. For workers residing in metropolitan peripheries, airport accessibility can be much greater than that of urban centers. In the Spanish case, the managing.  Body of Spanish airports activity with  value, taking advantage of the synergies with airport activity, the excellent connectivity of these lands thanks to their proximity to airports, and also their proximity to large cities.

The Real Estate Master Plan has already

been  for the Adolfo Suárez – Madrid  Valencia and Seville is in the design phase. The reference article to this blog entry aims to estimate the economic Switzerland Phone Number List  impact that the implementation of the Barcelona Airport Airport City that. Aena had would have for Catalonia and Spain. To achieve this objective For this hectares . Million euros in total and the duration of the execution of the plan is twenty years, during which successive real estate lots would come onto the market.

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