Marketing Factory specialists have been

Marketing Factory specialists have been

In Ukraine, CS Cart is supported Alexbranding. The guys releasing the necessary updates and improving the CMS. CMS for a long time in the direction of SEO optimization and promotion. We can only summarize that results in search results achieved relatively quickly. More information about SEO steps for CS Cart . Example of a site on CS Cart CMS 1C-Bitrix 1C-Bitrix is ​​one of the most popular content management systems in Ukraine. The engine developed Bitrix. After the start of the war, the rights to the software were bought.

Ukrainian development

Company and the markets were divided. At the Germany Phone Number List time of writing, there were problems with paying the license the UA version. Popularity in Ukraine . The company ranks first in the popularity rating of engines online stores. Ratio of price to functionality .Today it has more than 35,000 stor. Initially, the engine was develop for the foreign market, but today it is adapt for the Ukrainian one. Popularity in Ukraine . CS-Cart ranks second in demand on the CMS market for online stor in Ukraine and the CIS. This popularity is justifi, since there are a lot of ready-made solutions for our market! (More details about CS Cart modul). Ratio of price to functionality . CS-Cart has more than 500 e-commerce functions.

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Integrated with third-party business offers, functionality Belarus Phone Number List and design can improved. Example of a site on Bitrix CMS Magento The Magento platform is one of the most popular CMS online stores in the English-speaking segment. The engine is value its wide functionality and flexibility. Popularity in Ukraine . The platform is the second most popular in the. World with 100 thousand online stores built. It is not very popular.  Ratio of price to functionality. Magento has several editions, including a free one.

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