Economic forecasts from the

Economic forecasts from the


Loyola Economic Outlook report on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Dr. M. Carmen Delgado – Loyola University After one more academic year, it is time to temporarily say goodbye for a well-deserved summer vacation. We will return again in September with new entries, but to close this year, I have decided to write about the Loyola Economic Outlook (LEO) , a quarterly report of economic forecasts that we have been preparing in the Department of Economics at the Loyola Andalusia University for nine years now.

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It is a document that has become a reference, and is eagerly awaited in the regional political and economic spheres. Because it details the economic forecasts at the international Germany Phone Number Data  national and regional level. In the international context.  The governors of the main central banks, meeting in Washington, expressed uncertainty and volatility, after the strong shocks produced by both the pandemic and the war between Ukraine and Russia. According to the IMF. A slowdown in growth is expected for the world economy as a whole, going from  this year. In the particular case of advanced economies, they are also forecast to experience a particularly pronounced slowdown, from.

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economies will experience a slight slowdown, going from . Figure 1. Real GDP growth (percentage of annual variation). Source: International Monetary Fund. At the national level, in the same line of improvement, and according  Taiwan Phone Number List to our models, Spain’s GDP could which represents an upward revision of 3 percentage points with respect to the projections of the . LEO report performance of the Spanish economy in the first  and the expected.  Positive impact of European recovery funds on investment and the reduction of inflationary pressures due to the drop in energy prices. In the report, forecasts are also made for the labor market, and specifically. Employment .While those employed could  this year. Thus, the unemployment rate would reach .

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