Create a merchants association to energize your street

Create a merchants association to energize your street

This tip may seem a bit marginal compared to our other must-have tips, but it’s still effective. By associating your store with other businesses on your street, you can benefit from a group effect  Create a merchants  that will attract customers to your store!

Indeed, with your colleagues from other shops, you can invest in signs, panels and decorations that will make your street attractive. During the holiday season, for example, investing together in garlands and decorations will make your street very attractive, for a lower cost. Similarly, the owners of other shops will be able to send some of their customers to you and thus allow you to attract more customers!

This means of advertising is particularly effective if you manage to combine your promotions and marketing and communication strategies. For example, for a purchase of more Russia Phone Number List than 50€ at such a Create a merchants  merchant, benefit from 10% in the following store. You are guaranteed to attract customers to your store , customers that you certainly would not have had without your promotional offers obtained through your merchant association.

8. Set up a parcel relay in your store

A very good “backdoor” way of attracting customers to your store is by setting up a parcel pick-up point. Indeed, this type of promotion has many advantages. First, your store becomes known to customers who might never have visited it. By doing so, you drive traffic to your business and attract a new type of consumer.

However, attracting customers to your store is not everything: you must then make them want to come back. It is therefore necessary that the interior of your store be pleasant, attractive and highlight your products and services using various promotional media. This is also the time to install promotions at counter level, since this is Create  Phone Number MX  a merchants  the place that interests your customers from the parcel relay. All their attention is drawn to this place, especially when you pick up their package: this gives them a few moments to look around and detail your products. So, you might as well make your shop as attractive as possible!


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