Set up Click and Collect on your site

Set up Click and Collect on your site

This is therefore one of the most profitable ways to attract customers to your store . By seeing your advertising on the internet, consumers are markeby your products and services and remember you. They are thus encouraged to visit your store. So, to make sure you carry out your advertising on the internet correctly, you can call on an SEA consultant , a professional in promoting your store on the web.

Click and Collect is a novelty in e-commerce and is particularly Set up Click  effective. Indeed, consumers buy and pay directly on your website, which saves them waiting at the checkout, and come and collect their products from your store! Once they enter your store, you can offer them promotions that are only available in store. By being directly on site, consumers are much more open to promotional offers and to trying new products and services.

With this technique, your website becomes a real channel to attract customers to the store . You must therefore develop your website as much as possible to make it informational and exhaustive. A developer specializing in e-commerce can, for example, create a Google My Business profile for your business, which gives it an official and serious look. Your store gains legitimacy and therefore attracts more and more customers.

5. Be active on social media

Social networks are now an essential part of a good communication and marketing strategy. Indeed, they are the first channel of communication and information used by people under 40 years old. By being active on social networks, your store’s account will quickly stand out and be very present in the newsfe of your subscribers and their connections. It is very common for people under 25 to get discovered by sending the Instagram or TikTok page to friends. You must therefore highlight your store, current promotions or different events that will attract your customers.

Managing your social networks is a job in its own  Set up Click right, especially if you hope to make a real profit from it and transform it into a channel that allows you to attract customers Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  in store . To do this, it is recommend to call on a Community Manager , who will be able to set up a graphic charter and an attractiveness strategy for your social networks. You can search for THE Community Manager that matches your store and customer base on .

6. Offer discounts on low-traffic days

50% of a store’s turnover is based on its weekend/weekend sales. The other days of the week are therefore much less profitable, while they cost you just as much in terms of fixe costs. So a good way to better distribute your sales is to attract customers to the store during weekdays. How to do ? By offering discounts on low-traffic days!

Good promotions, in the spirit of flash sales, create  Set up Click a sense of urgency among your customers, who will not hesitate to come after their working hours, or at lunchtime to come to your shop Phone Number MX and benefit from your current offer. Arriving in your store during low traffic periods will also make the customer much more willing to listen to your advice and pay attention to the products and services you offer.

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