Attracting customers to stores: 10 tips

With the rise of online sales and the omnipresence of big brands, it is increasingly Attracting customers  difficult to attract customers to your store. In addition, customers are more reluctant to buy in store and prefer the vast choice of products online. To remedy this, we present our top 10 tips to increase your visibility and attract customers to your store !

We present you the best tricks to attract the most customers to your store. Tested and approved by customers , they have proven themselves and ensure an increase in traffic within your shop!

1. Make your store visible from the outside

It is the oldest advertisement in the world, but it is nonetheless true and effective. If you want to sell, your product must first be seen. To do this, it must be attractive and benefit from very Attracting customers  good visibility. The best way to attract customers to your store , just by looking at it, is to bet on its window. To energize your storefront and generate traffic, use illuminated signs, promotional posters, LED screens, lighting and any type of eye-catching media.

Also remember to personalize your outdoor blind : even when your shop is closed, it will attract the attention of customers! Although illuminated signs are preferable, they are not required: stickers on your window and large format printed stretched canvases can be just as effective in attracting customers to the store.

To succeed in making your store visible from the outside, you need to put in place a visibility and display strategy that will not leave passers-by indifferent. Marketing and communication then come into play and help promote your store!

2. Advertise in town

Another way to attract customers to your store is to go directly to them! By advertising in town, you spontaneously meet your customers and can tell them about the existence of your shop. A very effective way to do this is through the distribution of flyers and leaflets.

With an average profitability of 1 in 300, this ratio is considerably increased during peak periods and in commercial areas. Indeed, a flyer received on a Tuesday evening at the exit of a metro Attracting customers  entrance for a shop that is 2km away will be useless. Conversely, a flyer distributed on Saturday afternoon in Poland Phone Number List the middle of a mall has a much better chance of succeeding and attracting customers to your store . It is also relevant to define your target clientele in the distribution of prospectuses. If your products are more intended for young consumers, you might as well only distribute your leaflets to the young people you meet. This type of promotion allows you to boost your traffic and sales during the weekends!

3. Advertise on the internet

A store’s first promotional tool is its website. Indeed, the website of your store lists all your products, your offers, your promotions and the photos of your services. However, for your site to appear first in the Google search pages, it must be well referenced.

The referencing of your store’s website is a whole Phone Number MX business. By buying keywords, your website will go up in Google searches, which allows your advertising to be more visible on the web and therefore to Attracting customers  be more effective. It is estimated that advertising on the internet is one of the most profitable promotions. In concrete terms, if you invest €1,000 for the referencing of your website, you will generate €10,000 in turnover.

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