Online banks and micro enterprises

Online banks and micro enterprises

Regarding online banks, also called neo-banks , they are Online banks  more suited to the economic reality of micro-entrepreneurs. That’s why they only offer offers online. The procedures carried out on the Internet are then much faster to be processed. Especially since it is now possible to perform them directly via a mobile application .

Another important point: the rates are more advantageous than those offered by traditional banks.

But, like all good things, these have their limits, and with online banks , certain constraints are also on their way. Indeed, some online banks limit the number of transfers , make the check deposit chargeable or grant a foreign IBAN which complicates online payment with the administrations.

Specialized banks for micro-enterprises

Finally, players specializing in professional micro-enterprise accounts remain perhaps the best current solution on the market. They thus offer many advantages to their professional customers.

With specialist players like Blank, opening Online banks  a professional account only takes a few minutes. The time to find out directly on the internet or via the mobile application available: their identity, the information of the micro-enterprise until the receipt of the bank card.

Another advantage and not the least, Blank  Philippines Phone Number List is a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole , the first bank for professionals in France. And, the latter has a question / answer service, accessible 7 days a week .

Moreover, the advantageous services do not stop there:

  • Professional account with VISA Business bank card
  • Tools to simplify accounting with the help of an accountant available 5 days a week
  • Automated monthly or quarterly URSSAF declaration
  • A complete insurance service (hospitalization guarantee, equipment order guarantee, etc.)

What gain in speed, flexibility and serenity while Online Phone Number MX  banks  keeping the human side very appreciated by the self-employed .

In addition, for any opening of a professional bank account, Blank reimburses you for 1 month of Codeur Pro Max subscription !

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