Should I open a professional bank account in a micro-enterprise?

Should I open a professional bank account in a micro-enterprise?

The micro-enterprise ! We hear this word a lot here and there in the mouths of young professionals full of ambition. But if this legal status attracts in particular for the reduction of its administrative  Should I open  burdens, its opening is generally accompanied by its share of questions.

  • Is the opening of a self-employed professional bank account compulsory  ?
  • What type of bank to choose between the traditional bank, the Neo banks or the specialized players?
  • And, besides, is it rather a current account or a professional account that you have to choose?
  • What is the most beneficial in the end?

Novelty always raises debate. And, at, we like when things are clear. So, we decided to do a little recap of the micro-enterprise banking requirements. Decryption.

It is customary to think that the micro-entrepreneur escapes certain numbers of administrative obligations

If the question of the compulsory opening of a professional account has long been debated for the creators of micro-enterprises , it was in 2019 that the PACTE law made everyone agree. Finished, the tireless interventions of the legislators.

The law is simple: since May 23, 2019, the Pakistan Phone Number List micro-entrepreneur is no longer required to create a professional bank account dedicated to his activity, if the latter does not collect more than 10,000 euros in revenue for at least two consecutive years.

This law was created to fight against potential fraud . Indeed, the Should I open  legal status of micro-enterprise , benefiting from almost non-existent accounting, tax or legal obligations, the PACTE law thus represents the only bulwark against potential fraud.

Concretely, it is therefore NOT compulsory for small businesses with low incomes to open a professional bank account !

Thanks to his separate professional legal status

However, if you want to open one, it is important to understand why it is said to be professional. This bank account dedicated to your activity is strictly reserved for your professional transactions . It Should I open  should only be made up of transactions carried out within the framework of the independent activity . No question of using this pro account for your personal expenses!

This is the whole point of the fight against fraud. If micro Phone Number MX  entrepreneurs who make less than 10,000 euros in turnover have no reason to open a professional account, it can still be very interesting.

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