What is keyword clustering and

What is keyword clustering and

Why do it? Vladimir.Prof Vladimir.Prof May 8, 2022 4:24 pm Keyword clustering is the process of dividing keywords into mantic groups according to their mantic meaning. Clusters are form to promote a group of queries, rather than a single keyword. This process significantly increas the CTR of an advertising campaign, saves budget and time on advertising campaign analytics. Why do keyword clustering? An example of basic clustering for a small hotel in the center of Kyiv.

List of keywords

Hotel in the center of Kyiv. Kyiv center Philippines Phone Number List hotel. Kyiv, hotel in the center. Hostel in the center of Kyiv. The first three queries are similar and can be combin; the latter will fall into the cond cluster or be exclud altogether (add to the cons ). Clustering is often done bad on mantic proximity . If the keywords have the same meaning, then the queries are combin into one group. A good PPC specialist us from 4 to “infinity” of groups (clusters) per advertising campaign. In the Google Advertising Account, “clusters” are divid into “Ad Groups”. Example in the photo below: keyword clustering.

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Keyword clustering

Helps save resources when tting up contextual Croatia Phone Number List advertising. You can create a parate ad and landing page for each key. If you combine similar requests, then one dynamic ad for this group is enough. This procure significantly increas the CTR of an advertising campaign and subquently ruces the cost of conversion. Using clustering, it is convenient to determine landing pages for advertiments. After the formation of the mantic core , it is divid into clusters, each with its own group of keys for a specific page or advertiment. To increa conversions, direct traffic to the landing page for all requests in the cluster. A good technique when forming groups of keywords is cross-adding negative words. This is a process in which negative keywords from neighboring ones are add to each parate group. 

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