At the beginning of your career

At the beginning of your career

This path will take less than a year, and the basic cour will take even less. The market leader in Internet marketing training in Ukraine is Webpromoexperts , we have been training our employees here for more than 5 years. Who is an RRS specialist and how much do his rvices cost? Vladimir.Prof Vladimir.Prof May 7, 2022 6:59 pm A PPC specialist or PPC manager (Pay per Click) is a person who specializes in contextual advertising. It attracts target traffic to the site and builds advertising communications using Google Ads tools. What does a PPC specialist do? The job of a PPC specialist is to t up advertising in order to attract target traffic.

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Advertising or advertising on the display Saudi Arabia Phone Number List network. The main goal is to increa conversion while maximizing budget optimization. The work also includes a creative part: an expert can propo ideas for creatives, combine them, and participate in the process of creating technical specifications for the designer. How much does a PPC specialist earn ? Salaries vary depending on experience and skill level. you can earn from $300. The fee depends on the number of successful projects in the portfolio and the complexity of the ca to be work on. According to the largest job arch sites in Ukraine, the average salary of a PPC specialist ranges from UAH 15,000. outsourcing, and 21,500 hryvnia full time.

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Not all companies can afford this specialist as Denmark Phone Number List a staff member and turn to outsourcing . Who is an RRS specialist? What skills does a PPC specialist ne? A professional PPC manager requires knowlge of Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager. In addition, he nes other tools to meet the customers’ goals. Ideally, a PPC manager should be a marketer ( what is a marketer? ). Requir skills : collect the mantic core, form negative words; create groups of advertiments; manage budgets, work with rates in the advertising account; collect information about ur behavior using analytics; analyze the effectiveness of the campaign; t up retargeting; create catchy headlines; write lling texts for advertiments.

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