Digital gaps and urbanization: On the

Digital gaps and urbanization: On the

Digitalization of SMEs in urban and rural areas. Digital gaps and urbanization: On the digitalization of SMEs in urban and rural areas on Twitter Share on . Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Professor of Applied Economics. Sevilla University. The development and application of digital technologies make up a disruptive process that will require significant transformations in the Spanish productive fabric in the coming decades. In this regard, Spanish SMEs start with a significant delay in terms of the level of digitalization  to large companies .Which represent approximately  of national employment, are able to . In this regard, the threat of a growing digital divide between urban and rural areas is also evident.


This possibility is associated with

The worse digital infrastructures that exist in smaller municipalities, as well as deficiencies related to the digital skills of the population in rural environments, especially in those localities that show higher levels of aging. In this entry we will present some indicators that illustrate the extent to which  Singapore Phone Number Data Spanish SMEs are showing differentiated rates of digitalization depending on the level of urbanization. The data used comes from a survey .Out in the second quarter of  among Spanish  and a confidence  they had introduced any innovation  the application of digital technologies. Innovations could refer to their products, their production processes. Marketing or the organizational models implemented in the company.

The improvements introduced

Could be of a mere incremental nature and simply represent a novelty for . The company itself even if they were already present in its reference markets or could represent a radical innovation. The responses obtained allow us.  Therefore, to identify those SMEs that introduced improvements Iran Phone Number List  in certain areas of their activity thanks to the digitalization process. In this regard. The lower impact of digitalization in terms of product innovation inhabitants in comparison. with their counterparts in larger municipalities. Differences are also observed for process innovation, although to a lesser extent . These data tell us. Therefore, about the risk of consolidation of a digital divide. Which could have relevant consequences on the economic and social trajectory of rural municipalities in the coming decades.

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