The business environment in the

The business environment in the

Spanish regions: Enterprise Survey Spain, the survey of Spanish companies by the.  World Bank World Bank research project that is  approximately every  years, with global coverage and that has been  in more than  countries over the last  years. Was already in a previous blog post.  Then, its objective is to generate useful information for decision-making and the design of policies that benefit the development of the private sector at the national and international level, as well as to attract foreign investment and improve the competitiveness of companies. On this occasion, this contribution . Summarizes the results of the survey for the Spanish regions. Specifically for Spain, the regional stratification was carried out using the common EU nomenclature by territorial statistical units so that for the regional analysis the seven level  are available.

Distribution of the sample by region Source

Enterprise Survey , World Bank. Among the information provided by the ES, the main difficulties that companies face when developing their activity allow us to approximate the existing business climate in each region. To do this, they were asked to select, from a total  Indonesia Phone Number Data potential obstacles, those that most hindered the development of their business. The following graph presents the results by region, according to the 10 greatest difficulties at the national by the companies. Figure  in relation to the results  for Spain, reveals the great limitation that the talent mismatch represents for companies in the South  from the Canary Islands . East in the three cases above what  in the national group . Political instability , for its part, makes the operations of the Northwest Northeast companies more difficult. Additionally, companies in the Northeast also face more problems with access to financing.

As do those in the Center and the

Canary Islands, although in the latter two cases with less intensity around . The tax administration , except in the Northeast and the Canary Islands, hinders business activity in most regions more than the national average and. Northwest  this legislation represents a notable failure of the  Indonesia Phone Number List environment in which they operate. For its part, transportation represents a particularly notable difficulty for companies in the Canary Islands and for those in the rest of the regions. , in particular. It is also a major obstacle for the activity of companies in the Central region and the East Finally, it should be  that for Northeast companies the negative impact on the business environment of competitors’ practices in the informal sector is significantly are below. The biggest concerns for companies in the Canary Islands are the talent mismatch.


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