Obstacles to loyalty

Obstacles to loyalty

Consumer behavior has changed in recent years. With the advent of the internet, they are becoming more and more demanding and impatient. The quality of  Obstacles to  customer service must therefore be irreproachable.Indeed, 52% of customers do not hesitate to turn to another supplier if the customer service does not meet their expectations (non-existent or approximate answers to their questions, very long response times, etc.). This results in a 71% customer loss for businesses.

Consumers also pay close attention to how a company treats its employees. 32% of them are willing to speak negatively about the brand if it behaves badly towards its staff.

The levers of customer loyalty

There are many ways to go about retaining your customers. Here are which ones!

1. Your company values

One of the first questions to ask yourself in establishing your loyalty strategy is: “What are the values ​​of my company that I want to communicate to my customers? “.

You should seek to establish what will be the Obstacles to  aspects of your brand that will earn the loyalty of your customers and that will set your brand apart from others.


2. Customer satisfaction

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of retention is 5 times lower than that of customer acquisition. For what ? Because it is much easier to sell a new product to a consumer who has already made a purchase in your store or subscribed to one of your services.

However, even if it is easier to return to a known service provider, it must be up to the customer’s needs: a study conducted by Blackhawk Network shows that 94% of consumers are loyal to a company that fully meet their needs.

Customer satisfaction is therefore a decisive issue in generating loyalty – certain indicators such as the Net Promoter Score can also help you measure it.

3. Exemplary customer service

Next, it is essential that your customer service  Croatia Phone Number List Obstacles to  is beyond reproach . We saw it above, half of your customers will go elsewhere if your customer service is lacking.

Customer service must become a priority in your strategy.

4. A loyalty program

Encouraging your customers’ loyalty usually involves setting up a loyalty program to encourage them to renew their purchases.

Also remember to encourage your customers who are already convinced to become spokespersons for your brand, you must find out who these customers are and make them true ambassadors for your brand.

You can then go looking for customer feedback. This will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts, continuously improve your customer service, and  Phone Number MX give your customers a voice. By always going in this direction, you must be able to create a deeper connection with your customer base than just customer service: you must be there for them.

For example, more and more brands are  Obstacles to  creating Facebook groups where they can engage with their most active fans. We think in particular of Starbucks, which created a Facebook group just for fans of its famous Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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