Centralize all information and documents in a single place

Indeed, the Magnétis call-tracking platform provides you with another feature, the Whisper. This allows your sales representatives to know the source of the call immediately after picking up and  Centralize all information before engaging in conversation with the caller.

Once you have exchanged with your prospects, qualify them with speech-to-text! This feature allows you to recognize pre-selected keywords to then qualify your phone calls.

4. Improve lead tracking and handling

“The right message, to the right person… at the right time!”

If there is a moment when the intention to buy is the strongest, it is when the prospect has just made a contact request. If incoming call-tracking allows you to be reactive and proactive on  Albania Phone Number List your phone calls, outgoing call-tracking allows you to not miss any online request.

Thanks to this feature, you optimize the processing of prospects who have made an online request (by filling out a form, for example). Your teams thus receive an alert by email, to contact the prospect within 24 hours. With this solution, don’t miss out on business opportunities!

In conclusion

When you are freelance and alone on board, it can be difficult to manage everything, especially without a powerful tool or a good organization. When projects follow one another, it becomes complicated to stay well organized and attentive. And it’s normal, when you’re freelance you manage everything in your company: prospecting, marketing, social networks, missions and all the administrative work in addition.

As a freelancer, your time is precious, so if you spend Centralize all information  more time looking for the information you need than pampering your clients, here are our 5 tips to improve your organization and your client management as a freelancer.

This is the basis ! To be able to work well and be as efficient as possible in a minimum of time, you must be well organized. And it starts with centralizing all the documents and information you need for your work in one place, whether you use digital or paper format.

You need to create an organization that will allow you to find any information or any document in seconds. And for that, you have to know where to look and therefore know where and how the information is stored.

With a good organization (whether by client or by project), you avoid wasting your time unnecessarily but also exhausting yourself in vain. In addition, it will save you from having to ask your client for the same information several times.

For paper fans, a binder with dividers ordered by customer can be a good solution.

For digital fans, there’s monday.com , a customizable  Phone Number MX and flexible project management platform. So you can adapt it to the way you work. You can also invite collaborators on your monday.com board: the Centralize all information  discussion is easy and direct. Handy when you need to share information with your customers quickly!

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