Facilitate customer requests

Facilitate customer requests

Another very important tip! Indeed, without customers or prospects, there is no business. You must therefore facilitate customer requests as much as possible and allow them to contact you easily Facilitate customer Facilitate customerand quickly.For example, you can use forms to manage all incoming requests for new assignments and then create a methodology for managing and responding to these requests.

With monday.com, you can integrate these forms directly into your workspace and thus provide a quick response to the requester through your company’s resource management dashboard. With a simple glance, you can estimate your workload thanks to the software so as not to overload yourself.

At the end of your assignments, monday.com also allows your customers to give you quick and easy feedback on your work.

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3. Monitor deadlines

When you are self-employed, you tend to always want to do more and want to work always longer. But this is not the right solution: in the long term, you will exhaust yourself with the task and you will end up disappointed and disgusted with the world of entrepreneurship.

Instead, try to visualize each mission and break it down into large steps to estimate how long each mission task will take. This will give you better visibility of your workload and the time to devote to it.

Thanks to the ‘Time tracking’ column of the monday.com software, you  Facilitate customer can follow the stages of your mission and the time required for it. This allows you to have specific goals and Algeria Phone Number List  clear priorities to work at your own pace without burning out. You will thus work less but better with a better organization and a more serene spirit.

4. Set up automations

Automating repetitive administrative tasks is a significant time saver, especially when working alone. In addition, it helps to minimize errors!

Thanks to monday.com, you will be able to integrate Phone Number MX all the tools  Facilitate customer you already use (such as Gmail, Dropbox, Zoom, Zapier and many others) to be able to manage your business from a central point without the need to change or migrate everything on a new platform, a slow process and which can be complicated to manage alone.

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