Simulation of income from wage portage

Simulation of income from wage portage

Your decision is made: you are going to start your own freelance activity! But have you thought about the status you are going to adopt? If several possibilities are available to you, such as the sole proprietorship and its variants (EIRL, EURL), the self-employed and wage portage statuses are undoubtedly the most widespread.

What are their respective advantages? How to choose ? First  Simulation of income of all, be aware that there is no “best choice”: each of these statuses has its own advantages and we cannot recommend one of the two to all freelancers. On the contrary, your decision will depend on your professional project , your sector of activity, etc.

It is therefore important to know the specificities of self-employment and wage portage to know which of these two statuses best suits your situation!

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The wage portage status

The main advantage of wage portage is undoubtedly access to the social protection scheme for employees, where self-employment only allows you to contribute to the RSI (Social Scheme for Independents), which is less attractive. In addition to benefiting from social security, you also benefit from the right to validate quarters of retirement, and even the right to unemployment!

The conditions for entitlement to ARE, a return-to-work allowance, are the same as for “classic” employees.

Second considerable interest, the carried employee does not waste time with the accounts as well as the administrative and fiscal procedures, which are managed directly by the carrying company. He can therefore devote himself 100% to his activity.

The wage portage employee also enjoys autonomy Simulation of income  close to that of an entrepreneur: he finds his clientele, sets his prices and controls his schedule and workload.

Finally, the management fees offered by umbrella companies are tending to fall thanks to the arrival of new, very competitive companies. These management fees can vary between 3 and 10% of the amount invoiced to the client and what constitutes your remuneration.

Please note: The particularly low×180.jpg Argentina Phone Number List management fees may be subject to hidden conditions of which you should beware. Be sure of the reputation of your carrier company.

Benefits of wage portage

ABC Portage offers an income simulator to find out in Phone Number MX  a few minutes what monthly salary you can get using their solution.

If you’re hesitating because you’re having trouble Simulation of income projecting yourself, don’t hesitate any longer and do a simulation to get a preview of your next freelance payslip!


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