Choose your specialization as a freelancer

Choosing to specialize is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. For this, it is necessary to take several elements into account and to ask the right questions:

  • In what area are your skills strong enough to claim you as an expert?
  • What tasks do you enjoy doing?
  • Do you have elements (experience, diplomas, etc.) that can justify your know-how and expertise?
  • Is there a customer need in this sector?

Also, specialization can take different forms. It’s up to you to find the degree that best suits you according to your situation. Specialization in:

  • A specific sector of activity: communication, graphic design, web…
  • A specific mission: creation of advertising brochures, creation of logos…
  • For a particular audience: associations, luxury companies, etc.

Depending on the type of audience you are addressing, the Choose your specialization financial capacity will be different. For example, associations will generally have less budget to grant you than a large group.

Freelance rates

For starters, if you have a skill that few other freelancers have, you might as well make it your specialty. This will allow you to justify higher prices than in very competitive sectors.

It’s the same principle as in commerce: the rarer a product, the more expensive it is. Conversely, faced with increased competition, brands are forced to lower their prices. View your business this way.

Also, your customers will be more inclined to accept a high price for a service if your skills are recognized in this area. In this context, each recommendation is important.

Your experience, your know-how and proof of your professionalism are all elements that will allow you to gain your client’s confidence. Establishing your reputation and your successes in your field is ensuring that your client will be ready to pay the price.


Competition between freelancers

Inevitably, if you specialize, the competition will be weaker. As a result, you increase the conversion rate of your quotes because your prospect has few choices.

If you manage to bring a complementary service or a higher quality to your activity, then you are certain to win the vast majority of contracts. And it does not matter if they are few Armenia Phone Number List  since, as Choose your specialization explained above, your tariff will be more advantageous.

Make sure your specialization is on an upward research trend though!

The nature of a freelancer’s projects

Versatility has this great advantage of positioning you on several projects. When a freelancer is able to carry out multiple missions, he will have more opportunities but will face increased competition.

Moreover, at the beginning, he may have to accept unmotivating projects, to make his business profitable, but also to fill his portfolio. Nevertheless, when his many quality works are recognized and his address book grows, he will be able to better select his projects and finally have motivating and rewarding missions.

A specialized freelancer will have Choose your specialization faster access to Phone Number MX  rewarding projects and, faced with his expertise, will be able to afford a careful selection from the start. Word-of-mouth will then spread within his business environment, bringing him ever more missions related to his specialization and therefore motivating for him. But be careful, he will have to be at the top in these skills.

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