The e-reputation of the freelancer

The e-reputation of the freelancer

Good at doing everything = good at doing nothing? This is not necessarily true, but that is what versatility sometimes induces in the minds of prospects.If you The e-reputation don’t have a strict specialization, try to narrow down your scope anyway by selecting two or three areas. In any case, never accept assignments on which you are uncomfortable, because it is your image and the performance of your company that are at stake!

Finally, you still have the opportunity to break any received ideas thanks to a proactive presence on social networks . Through quality content, you can demonstrate your experience, knowledge and versatile know-how.

For a specialized freelancer, his e-reputation can quickly snowball if he carries out projects correctly. It will be easier for him to ensure his image as an expert and take advantage of it to recruit prospects.

Freelance : organisation et communication

When you choose to specialize in an area, it is much easier to set up your tools. Your communication process will be centered on a single subject and your services will be more readable for prospects.

Blogging can be a great way to show off your skills and expertise. It is an investment in time that is worth it: if it is regularly updated, it will serve as a professional showcase for your customers.

In addition, your commercial offer and your The e-reputation quotes can have a common framework, which you just have to customize according to the customer’s request. In the end, your prospecting documents are more precise, truly targeted and save you time!

Conversely, versatility requires  Austria Phone Number List regular adaptation to each customer request. If the freelancer can have several frames prepared, the communication is wider and so are the requests! This leads it to constantly review the entirety of its commercial offer.

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Specialized or not, it’s up to you to make your Phone Number MX  choice The e-reputation  according to your skills, your experience and your needs!

In any case, the next step is to find clients who need your skills. To do this, register on to have access to published assignments and offer your services to potential clients.

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