Women and science in Spain: analysis of persistent

Women and science in Spain: analysis of persistent


Coinciding with the Day of Women on the private sector, where women only account. Communities, there are important differences between them. The attached table shows a series of indicators that allow us to see the relative position of each region in this regard. One of the explanations for the persistence of this gap has to do with the vocational trends observable at all levels of training. At the high school level. The presence of women is very balanced in the branches of Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences.

In vocational training, one can also

Speak of parity  Women and science among the students who pursue these studies, although great disparities .Which reflect an important gap that manifests itself in two  Sweden Phone Number Data directions: on the one hand , through the low presence of women in branches such as Installation and maintenance. Transportation and vehicle maintenance. On the other, due to its strong predominance in branches of specialization such as Personal Image . Sociocultural and Community Services or Health . Regarding university education, women surpass men in number of enrolled reaching a level similar to that of men.

At this educational level, the presence

Women is also predominant in Health Sciences , Educational Sciences and Social  Women and science Sciences and Humanities , and remains scarce in Engineering and Architecture . But beyond the gap generated by dynamic vocations, it is  Turkey Phone Number List  how the gender gap is amplified in the development of a scientific career. In the data collected in the  table  growing differences are identified in the most advanced stages of it. Thus, in the highest academic category. That of University  status in Spain are women. The differences between regions are especially striking in this regard. A simpler possible explanation would have to do with  age groups. We see that, indeed. The proportion of women who reached the top of their university career is lower as their age increases.

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