Easier management of your prospects and customers

Easier management of your prospects and customers

Today, customer relationship management is essential to manage your business as well as possible. Whether it is for tracking prospects, the progress of ongoing  Easier management  projects or even for the study of results, CRM is increasingly used by sales and marketing managers. This tool allows companies to perfectly follow their sales process.

As a manager, however, you have a choice. More and more CRMs are emerging and offer new features that make your work easier. From complete customization to the integration of many tools, the new CRMs are now easy to use, even for a novice.

But, a key question remains: how to choose the right CRM? The codeur.com and monday.com teams have listed 5 essential criteria to take into account in your choice.

1. Complete visibility of your sales

First of all, the first criterion for selecting your CRM must be the visibility of the information you enter into the tool. Indeed, being able to simply follow your sales, your customers and all your past and current actions on your CRM is essential in order to be organized in your  Easier management  work. Thus, all the actors of your company will be inform easily, in real time, of the progress of all your projects thanks to a simple and complete interface.

Having simple and readable sales pipelines is an essential asset for your CRM. Choose a tool on which you will also have the possibility of integrating your favorite software and tools. By centralizing them on the same platform, you will be able to automate their actions from a single workspace.

Find all these features on monday sales CRM. Easily adapt your CRM to your needs, without calling on any developers. Edit deal stages, add as many Belize Phone Number List  columns as you want, manage multiple pipelines at once, and more.

The objective of CRM is primarily to manage your customer relationship

But also to collect all the necessary information about your prospects. Having all the information and being able to manage it, modify it with a simple click is essential to facilitate your work and save time.

You should also have the ability to easily  Phone Number MX manage the Easier management status of your leads. Indeed, if it becomes a customer or on the contrary retracts, you must be able to enter new information easily and quickly in order to manage current and future projects serenely.

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