Think about social networks

Think about social networks

Pass the info on to all your loved ones! Inform them of the launch of your activity as a freelancer, without forgetting to clearly specify your services. Be specific, because many do not know the digital professions and Think about  you may be called to troubleshoot a computer… Do not hesitate to clearly explain what you do.

Use your professional network as well . In your former companies, can Think about  you reconnect with colleagues or a superior? Telling them about your brand new life as a freelancer can encourage them to talk about you, or even give you a job directly. After all, they know you and know how you work.Use your social networks to share your skills and job searches. Your Facebook profile will help you activate your personal network, but don’t forget to communicate on Twitter and LinkedIn, two platforms where the  Think about quest for freelancers is common!

However, don’t just post your job search, establish yourself as an expert in your industry. No one wants to entrust a job to someone who only asks for it… Remember to give!

Advice, studies, key figures… Share the watch carried out on your market and take the floor to give your point of view on the news of your activity. This will encourage prospects to follow you and, perhaps, contact you for assignments later.

4. Prospect with local businesses

After your immediate surroundings, your city or region represents a pool of potential missions. Now is the time to sharpen your prospecting skills . Identify and contact businesses in your geographicThink about  area. Start with the closest ones and widen the circle as you go.

Proximity is a strong argument for working with a freelancer. Customers are reassured when they can meet a service provider and ensure their responsiveness. Make it an opportunity to find missions.

Use Google Maps to find them or the good old Yellow Pages (in digital version, of course!).

Prospect on LinkedIn. Subscribe to business pages in your area and connect with Think about  their decision makers. For example, if you are a graphic designer, locate the directors  Malaysia Phone Number List  and marketing managers of these companies and send them a personalized contact request.

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5. Invite yourself to professional events

Networking has always been an effective approach to finding assignments. Fairs, exhibitions, conferences, company clubs… These events offer a unique opportunity to approach clients, but also other freelancers. It’s perfect for building your network and increasing your chances of finding projects!

However, for this technique to be effective, do  Think about some research Think Phone Number MX  about on the attendees before you go. You will be able to develop an action plan and define the contacts to be privileged.

In addition, learning about the companies present allows you to personalize your approach. Professionals will always prefer to work with freelancers who know their products or services.

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