Set up the processes and workflows needed to manage e-invoices

Set up the processes and workflows needed to manage e-invoices

To start preparing for your upgrade in 2024, you can use Zeendoc today.

It is an electronic document management software , 100% French, which includes the archiving, processing and sending of your invoices.

Zeendoc offers the possibility of transmitting all your invoices on a single platform. They will be analyzed and classified automatically and can be sent to your customers in a secure way.

In addition, if your company is a supplier to a public Set up the processes institution, Zeendoc allows you to send them to Chorus Pro, via a connector.

How to prepare for electronic invoicing in 2024?

To prepare for the arrival of the new invoicing regulations in 2024, we advise you to switch to electronic invoicing now. This will save you time and money while anticipating your legal obligations.

You will thus be in good standing before the implementation of the law and will save time on your administrative management.

There are several steps to follow to be ready to switch to electronic invoicing before July 2024:

1. Check if you are eligible to use e-invoicing

According to current legislation, some companies are obliged to use electronic invoicing, while others may choose to do so voluntarily.

It is important to check if you fall into one of these categories and to understand the requirements of the electronic invoice legislation.

2. Choose an electronic invoice management system

There are many electronic invoice management systems available in the market, each with their own features and benefits.

Choose a legal-compliant system that meets your needs.

Zeendoc, for example, will allow you to archive, process and transmit all your invoices to your customers electronically and securely.


Define processes and workflows to Mexico Phone Number List  manage e-invoices, from receipt to posting to posting.

Make sure that all parties involved (employees, suppliers, etc.) understand Set up the processes these processes and are ready to implement them.

Invoices will be sent via the Public Billing Portal (PPF) or via a partner (PDP or OD).

4. Check if you need certifications for e-invoicing

Depending on the legislation and standards in force in your country, you may need certifications to use the electronic invoice.

Check if you are subject to these requirements and take the necessary steps to obtain these certifications.

5. Test your e-invoice system

Once you have the processes and workflows Phone Number MX  in place, it’s importSet up the Set up the processes processes and workflows needed to manage e-invoicesant to test your system to make sure it works properly and meets all legal requirements.

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