What are the different types of market trend research?

2. Medium-term trends

Medium-term trends last between 2 and 8 weeks. These What are the different  are, for example, events such as end-of-year celebrations or elections.

During these times, your competitors can launch events to mark the occasion. Some products and services will also sell more. 

3. Long-term market trends

These trends last for years, even decades. These are big societal changes affecting your business.

Smartphones, Artificial Intelligence, the #metoo movement or the growth of campaigns for inclusivity are examples of events that have caused long-term trends.

There are 4 types of market trend analysis.

1. Analysis of consumer trends

It focuses on trends within a target market, its segments, and  What are the different buyer personae . You study how consumers appreciate new products.

This analysis involves the collection of key data on customers: their  satisfaction , needs, opinions, preferences, buying behavior, etc.

2. Analysis of historical trends

Here, you study past trends in your market or in your niche . This analysis shows how these developed, as well as their impact on the present and the future. Historical data can go back several years or the last few days, weeks and months.

3. Analysis of seasonal trends

This analysis consists of studying short-term trends or trends that take place over limited periods of time.

4. Analysis of geographical trends

This analysis makes it possible to Netherlands Mobile Number List compare trends between different geographical areas, whether they are located within the same country or in different territories. It helps you discover regional elements that lead to the appearance of these evolutions.

Why analyze market trends?

Trend analysis is an important step in market research. It helps What are the different you make strategic decisions in the future.

You have insights into customer behaviors, allowing you to meet Phone Number MX their needs with data. Consumers are more likely to engage with your marketing campaigns and make purchases.

Also, trend analysis helps to get relevant insights into the overall scenario of a market. You can anticipate the strategies that will allow you to gain visibility, in the near or distant future.

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