They analyze the market

They analyze the market

Competitors and consumer demand. Who is a marketer? What are the responsibilities of a marketer? A marketer studies the nes of the target audience, their habits and interests. Using this knowlge, he prepares a target proposal, which he places on the “path” of the potential client. Job description of a marketer . The following are the responsibilities of a marketer: studying the portrait of the target audience; creating a marketing strategy; work with branding and basic PR; working with analytical data; creation and implementation of advertising campaigns. The specialist does everything to make the click and transition cost less, but bring maximum effect. To do this, he calculates possible indicators.

Coordinating the work

Of other marketing specialists. In different Russia Phone Number List companies, the responsibilities of marketers. How much does a marketer earn? The salary of a marketer varies from 10,000 to 40,000 UAH. The amount depends on many factors, such as: work experience, skills and abilities, company and region where the specialist works. The average salary of a marketer in Ukraine is UAH 20,000. (according to the website What skills should a marketer have? knowlge of a foreign language (will be a big plus); knowlge of marketing fundamentals; analytic skills; learning ability; creative thinking; knowlge of the basics of consumer psychology.

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Professional skills of

A marketer ( S oft skills) Basic: Google Ads  at the Czech Republic Phone Number List task tting level Google Analytics Facebook Ads ( at the task tting level) Knowlge of O basics Building sales funnels Working in graphic itors Advanc: Facebook Pixel Any CRM Targeting and remarketing Link Building Basics rpstat or analogues Demand by marketers In times of general recession, marketers are the first to be laid off. But during the boom, the marketer is in great demand! Every company nes effective promotion and positioning; without a marketer this is not possible. Where can I study to become a marketer? Do not under any circumstances spend 5 years studying marketing at university, it is uless! It is better to spend 2-3 months completing cours, follow by improving individual skills and gaining experience.

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