Andalusia and European Funds, building the

Andalusia and European Funds, building the

Future of the region? Andalusia and European Funds, building the future of the region Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Manuel J. Marchena Gómez – Professor of Regional Geographic Analysis – University of Seville Andalusia has received European Funds for almost forty years. A fact that is not inconsiderable, controversial, absolutely key in the regional development of our Autonomous . Community and what is inadmissible, difficult to quantify and analyze scientifically due to lack of sources, series and serial applications with a certain rigor. The lack of statistical homogeneity complicates citizen recognition  .Billion annually on average, which has contributed to Andalusia’s annual growth being  higher on average thanks to the funds applied from the European Union.

With a multiplier effect of 1.5 euros for every

Greater efficiency in the evaluation and execution of projects becomes essential so that they do not behave as temporary but rather structural investments for the regional development of Andalusia. Opportunity  UK Phone Number Data  awareness or tourism campaigns that are impossible to rigorously calculate their economic return and certainly contribute little value to Andalusian modernization. Regarding magnitudes. Andalusia would have received a 50% increase in European funds for . About 4 billion euros because of the. It is well known that the execution of European funds in Andalusia can  to  in the short term and are eligible resources on demand and therefore complex in real execution.

A paradigmatic instrument

The matter would be the PERTEs, a tool to direct massive investments in specific sectors: electric car, green hydrogen, digitalization of water. In this context, the urgent modernization of the bureaucratic management of the Junta de Andalucía must be demanded for these tasks and in general as a public service. Particularly because the  Cambodia Phone Number List beneficiaries of the funds, as we have been reiterating, are programs of the public . Administrations themselves and the tenders and subsidies remain on the auction block or in difficult management, with unbeatable.  Payment and financing conditions, for the private initiative public-private collaboration – which is what should .The discourse on these funds aims to outline a. prodigious decade”, by becoming the main instrument of economic policy in Spain and particularly for Andalusia.

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