Graph shows the extreme cases in terms

Graph shows the extreme cases in terms

Sample size for La Rioja and Andalucia. Although it is true that it has somewhat greater volatility, the ICCA of La Rioja shows a dynamic that we understand is significant. Graph 1: Evolution of the Harmonized Consumer Confidence Index  of larger and smaller sample Source: own elaboration based on the CIS The following graphs illustrate, respectively, important differences in the dynamics of the ICCA in different Autonomous Communities  various assessments in relation to the retrospective situation and expectations (Graph 3) and, finally, discrepancies in relation to confidence in the economy family, in the general economy and in the labor market the door to analysis of agreement between these indicators and others available on the economic dynamics of each AC.

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Having the ICCA, as a new instrument to evaluate the different cyclical moments of our regional economy. Graph 2: Evolution of the Harmonized Consumer Confidence Index . Andalusia, Múrcia and the Basque Country. Source: own elaboration based on the CIS Graph  Australia Phone Number Data by Situation and Expectations. quarter Source: own elaboration based on the CIS Graph Confidence in the family economy, general economy and labor market, quarterThis situation has been analyzed in depth by researchers from the University of Seville and the Isabel I University in several publications. In this way, several geopolitical purposes of this change in the Sahel region are highlighted in its analysis. Firstly, this change causes internal dissension between EU states on how to handle the situation. Limits the European bloc’s access to the region’s strategic resources; reducing the influence of the EU, especially through France, in the stabilization of the Sahel.

The other hand, for the countries

Origin in the Sahel region, the situation is equally serious: the continuous flow of migrants contributes to reducing human capital and aggravating the internal economic tensions of the sending countries. The possible results of this scenario are several. In Europe, the challenge lies in balancing humanitarian responsibilities with Brazil Phone Number List  internal security and cohesion. This will undoubtedly require rethinking migration policies, improving cooperation with African nations and addressing the root causes of instability in the Sahel. For African countries, the essential objective iscooperation, mere migration management to address the underlying geopolitical, economic and social dynamics. If not, the pressures on the Sahel and the migration challenges in Europe will persist. Or worsen, undermining the stability of the region, putting the cohesion and values ​​of the EU in check.

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