The economic impact of the Galician language

The economic impact of the Galician language

Industries The economic impact of the Galician language industries Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in The economic impact of the Galician language Google Plus By Diana Fernández Méndez – GAME-IDEGA, University of Santiago de Compostela Language has a fundamental economic function, at least from a double perspective: as an identity element and as a technology of social communication. In both cases, these are complex relationships that present multiple dimensions and elements that must be  and that generate problems of quantification and valuation, and even definition. The recognition and study of language as an  agents.


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Use a native language that society values ​​because it defines its identity. Without  The economic impact of the Galician language a doubt, this is a valuation that is difficult to quantify monetarily, but it indirectly translates into new consumer demands, such as books, songs, etc. Third, language contributes to human capital and can New Zealand Phone Number Data  in the same way as other productive skills. In recent years, despite the difficulties of quantification, some research has  to estimate the economic value of the language in different geographical contexts from an aggregate perspective, which seeks to highlight the importance of the language in the functioning of a system. economic, using national accounting as a framework; that is, the estimation of the economic value of the  linguistic industries.

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value of the languages ​​of Spain has as a background the work  by in which for the first time the contribution of Spanish to the economy is The  impact of the Galician language  from a macroeconomic perspective. On national accounting. In the following years, the Telefónica Foundation’s “The economic value India Phone Number List   of Spanish” project was  co-directed by professors José Luis García Delgado, José Antonio Alonso and Juan Carlos Jiménez, which  publications  to the economic value of Spanish as market potential and value in the national and international economy. These authors, together with Manuel Villa Cellino, present a final study on the matter . Regarding the co-official languages, the  in Basque (Basque Government.

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