The 60-60-30 method: definition and concept

The 60-60-30 method: definition and concept

According to a study by the Draugiem group, employees who take 17 minutes of break every 52 minutes of work are more productive than others. Knowing that the average method: definition  employee experiences 56 interruptions in a working day, it is important to find a technique to optimize their time and get the most out of it.

To help you, try the 60-60-30 method! What is it about ? How to implement it ? All the answers are in this article!

The 60-60-30 method is a time management technique that allows you to divide your work hours into several sequences. The goal is to maximize your concentration and, therefore, increase your performance.

This technique is based on the natural human biorhythm, in particular by alternating work phases and rest sessions.

Concretely, it is a question of distributing your working day as follows:

  • 50 minutes of intense concentration on a job;
  • 10 minutes of relaxation break;
  • 50 minutes of work;
  • 10 + 30 minute break…

The first 50 minutes are reserved for intense work, without any distractions. This means: no phone, checking emails, chatting with a colleague or social method: definition  media. You cut everything and close the door to your office (or put headphones on if you’re in an open space).

Then you take a 10-minute break during which you can get up, stretch, drink coffee, walk, etc.

Hop! When the break is over, you return to another 50 minutes of work. This time, you can optionally turn notifications back on or be available for your colleagues.

The end of this session is accompanied by a break of 10 + 30 minutes. This time, you can do a “little” relaxing activity, like calling a friend, checking your Instagram feed, or having a cup of tea, and then enjoying a great relaxing moment. You can take a nap, a yoga session or take your lunch break.

You start again on this rhythm Benin Phone Number List  until the end of the day and the trick is played!

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5 steps to implement the 60-60-30 method

The 60-60-30 method is simple to set up, but it still requires prior preparation. Here are 5 steps to increase productivity with this technique!

1. Prepare in advance

50 minutes of work with total concentration method: definition  requires that you know, in advance, what is the task to be performed during this period. If it’s not clear what mission you need to complete, you’ll have a hard time staying focused for 50 minutes.

Therefore, work with a prioritized to-do list . If possible, update it as you go through your day. In the evening, list the priority missions for the next day. When you get to work, you’ll know exactly what to do in those first 50 minutes.

2. Get rid of distractions

For the 60-60-30 method to work, you need to be able to keep all potential distractions away. Turn off your phone, log out of social media, turn on silent mode method: definition  on your smartphone, exit your inbox, etc.

If you work from home, ask those around you not to Phone Number MX  disturb you. The best is to be able to isolate yourself in a room.

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